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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Summer Learning Challenge

 "For Alabama's students, summer is a time of fun, but those months away from school can result in a loss of knowledge and reading ability. The Summer Learning Challenge raises awareness of the summer loss epidemic, shares compelling research on the importance of personalized reading activities and provides access to a variety of free resources to support targeted reading and math summer learning." - via
Click here for links to a variety of FREE reading and math activities and resources:
This includes FREE access to Stride Academy, an online game-based adaptive learning platform for math, reading and science, accessible on tablets, PCs and Macs anytime, 24/7. Stride Academy delivers awesome video games as a reward for completing academic tasks, so students are motivated to practice skills throughout the summer and better prepare themselves for a new school year in the fall!

To print the press release about this challenge:
2015 Summer Learning Challenge Press Release

Friday, May 22, 2015

ARI and Education Week Chat

Tuesday, May 26th at 1:00 CST, join ARI and Education Week for an online chat regarding our work, our structure, and our coaching support.

Click here: ARI and Education Week Chat

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ARI Regional Staff learned all about Student-Centered Coaching with Diane Sweeney

Seven Core Practices for Student-Centered Coaching 

1. Setting goals for coaching cycles 
2. Creating learning targets based on the standards 
3. Using student evidence to co-plan instruction 
4. Organizing coaching through cycles 
5. Co-teaching with a focus on effective instructional practices 
6. Measuring the impact of coaching on student and teacher learning 
7. Partnering with the school leader 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Learning Opportunities!

ARI Foundations for Beginning Reading
June 9-11, 8:30 – 3:30
Lincoln Professional Development Center, 901 9th Avenue North, Birmingham, 35204

In this 3-day professional development series, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Conceptual Framework for Learning.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of scientifically-based reading research exploring explicit and systematic instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Participants will observe lessons incorporating student engagement and formative assessment.  Participants will receive an 18 hour professional development certificate from the Alabama Reading Initiative at the conclusion of the 3-day session.

ARI Strategic Teaching: 
Literacy in the Content Area
June 9-11, 8:30 - 3:30
Lincoln Professional Development Center, 901 9th Avenue North, Birmingham, 35204

This session provides opportunities to learn how to incorporate literacy strategies in your content area through strategic teaching.  The purpose of the session is to provide engaging tools to help students become strategic learners, critical thinkers, and comprehenders of your classroom content – science, history, math, language arts, vocational and elective classes as required by Alabama College- and Career- Readiness Standards.  Participants will receive an 18 hour professional development certificate from the Alabama Reading Initiative at the conclusion of the 3-day session.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our first week of Coach Internship was a great success!  Throughout the week, we had a "Parking Lot" chart posted so that participants could post sticky notes with questions and/or resources requests. Last week's participants will receive an email this week that will address the questions posted. We are adding the requested resources to this blog post.

Coach Internship Week 1 Requested Resources:

To download and print the CCRS Vertical Alignment click here:

CCRS ELA Vertical Alignment
The 5 Absolutes:

In education we know things are always changing; however, we know that these absolutes are what all teachers need to know and do to be effective.
The first bullet tells us where we’re going.
The second and third bullets tell us how we will get there.
The fourth bullet tells us how we will know we have arrived.
The last one is the most important because it tells us why.

  • Teach to the standards for each of the required subjects                     
  • Through a clearly articulated and locally aligned K-12 curriculum
  • Supported by aligned resources, support, and professional development
  • Monitored regularly through formative, interim/benchmark assessments to inform the effectiveness of the instruction and continued learning needs of individuals and groups of students
  • With a goal that each student graduates from high school with the knowledge and skills to succeed in post-high school education and the workforce without the need for remediation as evidenced by multiple measures achieved through multiple pathways to meet the graduation requirements set for students in Alabama.  
Click here for a printable version of these Absolutes:


Explicit Reading Foundations Routine Cards (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, HFW, etc.)

Click here:

Click here for a blank Reading Foundations Look For Tool:

Click here for the One Pager Protocol Card:

Click here for the "Lost at Sea" (team work, effective communication, etc.) activity:

Click here for the Domino Effect (effective communication, listening, etc.) activity (see page 20):

"Red Book" Resources:

To purchase on Amazon:

Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties 10th Edition

Click here for a blank grouping form for Organizing Fluency Data:

Organizing Fluency Data